Here's What Makes The Mercedes-Benz OM617 Diesel Engine So Special
Here's What Makes The Mercedes-Benz OM617 Diesel Engine So Special

If there has been a corridor of repute for crucial engines, the Chevy Small Block could probably be the primary engine inducted. Chrysler could have the HEMI engine and Slant-6. Ford should input the engine and three hundred inline-6 and nobody could query it. Toyota`s 2JZ motor determined withinside the Supra and in limitless different builds could deserve a gap as well.

All of these engines have a few element that makes it go beyond beyond the mundane powerplant maximum human beings are used to and attain famous person fame amongst gearheads. The Chevy Small Block is infinitely customizable, the Chrysler HEMI can throw down large quantities of strength, the Ford powered the Mustang for years, and the Toyota 2JZ is a tuner's dream.

There are dozens of different engines that could be at domestic withinside the proverbial corridor of repute. However, one precise engine arguably merits attention over all others: the OM617 diesel from Mercedes-Benz.

From station wagons to hurry records

The humble diesel motor earned a few precise superlatives while it first went at the European marketplace in 1974. It become the primary ever five-cylinder engine ever utilized in a passenger automobile, and no matter beginning with most effective eighty horsepower on the time, it become additionally the maximum effective engine (through Mercedes-Benz). A turbocharged version confirmed up Stateside in 1977, in step with Hemmings, and have become a success nearly immediately.

The OM617 determined its manner into American gearheads hearts withinside the shape of the Mercedes three hundred D sedan and the three hundred TD station wagon to be had from 1978 to 1986. The engine become extensively utilized in some of limousines, coupes, and own circle of relatives haulers overseas. All told, Mercedes revamped 600,000 automobiles with the OM617 as its powerplant at some stage in its manufacturing life, and it become exported to markets everywhere in the international. The engine is respected for its reliability just like the Ford three hundred and its ubiquity just like the Chevy Small Block. 

Media retailers withinside the engine's local Germany absolutely loved the engine for its smoothness and capacity to maintain up with traffic. American opinions cherished the gas performance and relative strength it provided. Plus, the bells, whistles, and comfort of a Mercedes would not hurt (through MotorWeek).

In your common station wagon, the engine crowned out at slightly a hundred twenty five horsepower — it become now no longer a velocity demon with the aid of using any means. However, the engine become able to a great deal more. An OM617 geared up Mercedes C-111 take a look at automobile become capable of set a diesel-powered international record. It reached simply over 203 miles in step with hour at the Nardo Ring take a look at tune in Italy in 1978. Overall, the diesel-powered C-111 broke thirteen one of a kind diesel-centric international records (through Mercedes-Benz).


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